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Beneficiary Reach


  • 275 children ages 5- 15 in Gr R to Gr 9 attended our after-care services. (This is almost half of the children from the local primary school.) 

  • Daily attendance average of 95%. 


  • 250 families, of which attendance at our parent meetings average @ 70%.


Staff members:

  • 19 staff members are currently employed in a full-time position, 16 of these staff members are from the local community and Dwarsriver Valley.  

Volunteers & Part-time consultants:

  • We have 60+ volunteers involved at Aitsa!



  • 10 High school bursaries from Mergon Ontwikkelings Inisiatief.

  • In the local primary school most learners in their Top 10 academic achievers are also in Aitsa!. 

  • In the past 2 years, more than 25 learners received psychometric assessments from Welgevallen Clinic. 

  • In the past Eye 2 years, 18 learners received reading glasses from SpecSavers Eikestad Mall. 



  • 3 learners in Cape Winelands Chess team. 

  • Our chess team is coached by 2 Chess masters. 

  • Boland Golf Initiative at Pearl Valley with 8 players weekly.

  • 15 learners participating in the Fedhealth MTB Challenge where we usually dominate the podium.


  • Aitsa! learner chosen as winner of 2023 Santam Child Art Competition.


Psycho-Social and Interventions:

  • 35 GrR’s in Occupational Therapy on a weekly basis.

  • 30 learners in counselling on a weekly basis.

  • 10 parents in psychotherapy monthly with a Clinical Psychologist.

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